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While Primal Flow Paints are the perfect addition to your Artistic toolbox, we know everyone loves certain brands and/or colors to create their own unique Acrylic Pouring Style! Try Primal Flow Acrylic Pouring Medium with all your favorite Medium & Soft Body paints! Add a little Celltastic, Silicone or Treadmill oil for larger cells.

We've added the same Secret Ingredient that makes Primal Flow Acrylic Pouring Paints sparkle and boosts the lacing effect without additional oil - it has that little something 'extra' that no other Pouring Medium on the market has! We suggest mixing our flow medium with your preferred brand of acrylic paint at a 1 to 1 ration to start - then add more medium until desired viscosity has been achieved!

Please Note: *Formation of cells/lacing without an additional oil additive is reliant on good layering and pouring techniques. We offer lots of educational resources via and IG@PrimalFlowPaint! We do not recommend thinning this product further with water, as it can break down the cohesion of the acrylic bonds, which can muddy your pigments.

Primal Flow Paints and Mediums are hand-mixed daily for freshness and quality control, and are best if used with 90 days of purchase. We do not take returns on opened bottles of paint or medium.

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