Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What techniques do you suggest to get the best result with Primal Flow Paints?

A: Layer your colors gently in your cup, and tilt slowly. For tips on adding our Celltastic Oil (or any oil additive) to best effect, check out the page for Celltastic Oil Additive.

Q: Do I need to add Flow Medium to Primal Flow Paints?

A: No! They are pre-mixed with the ideal amount of flow medium for vivid colors and smooth flow. They have a creamy consistency, and may be thinner than some customers are accustomed to. They can be further thinned with our regular or metallic flow medium, but be aware that adding more may result in a more 'transparent' or 'galactic' look to your pour if it is heavily stretched.

Q: Will Primal Flow Paints create cells?

A: Yes, but like anything with Acrylic Pouring, results depend on your technique! Our Paints have been proven to create beautiful effects, but for truly large cells we suggest oil additives, like Celltastic, Silicone, or Treadmill Oil., 

Q: Can you mix Primal Flow Colors with Resin?

A: No, we do not recommend mixing any pre-mixed paint with Resin - you would want to use Acrylic Paints or Inks that are much more pigment dense.

Q: Do you ship Internationally?

A: Yes we do! We know the shipping is expensive, and unfortunately we also have to contend with the high cost of shipping internationally without the heavy discounts larger companies enjoy! 

Q: What do I do if I'm having an issue with a Discount Code or Sale Offer when I'm checking out?

A: Shoot us a quick e-mail at before you finalize your order - we're always happy to help you troubleshoot, and that's how we become aware of any issues we may be having on our end! 

Q: Are Primal Flow Paints available via Retail?

A: No, they are only available online at 

Q: How much surface area does a 8oz Bottle of Primal Flow Paint cover?

A: More than you would think! If you wet-prime your work surface and have a good stretching technique for minimal wastage, you will find that you only need about 6oz of paint per square foot!

Q: How do Primal Flow Paints dry?

A: Smooth and Quickly! They are densely pigmented and highly flexible, which resists cracking and crazing (be sure to tilt your piece enough though - any paint will crack if it is left too thick). Most non-metallic colors dry matte, so the vividness of the colors comes out best under a resin coating. However, any gloss acrylic will bring out the color and the sparkle in your finished pieces! 

Q: Are Primal Flow Paints light-fast?

A: Extremely! They are designed to be professional grade, and are ideal for all types of projects - even items that will be in direct sunlight!

Q: Do your paints mix well with other acrylic pouring mixes?

A: They can, but we suggest avoiding mixes that include water or glue.

Q: Do your paints have a shelf life?

A: Yes they do - we label them with a 90 day shelf life. All acrylic paints have a shelf life, but when you mix acrylic paint and flow medium it starts a chemical reaction that will thicken the paints over time. You can add medium them to re-thin them, but we suggest usage within 90 days for optimal results.


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