Primal Flow Celltastic Oil Additive - 1oz

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If you love big, beautiful cells in your acrylic pours, look no further! This additive is the perfect mix of silicone and organic food grade oils, making it easier to clean and much less likely to smell or irritate your skin! Our 1oz Bottle comes with a flip top AND an easy twist top (1 per order unless more are requested in the Notes), so you can control exactly how much oil is added. Here are some tips for using Celltastic Oil Additive to the best effect:

1) Be sure to mix Celltastic Oil into the paint immediately before layering, and then flip/pour as quickly as possible - oil rises to the top.

2) When picking your colors for a pour, add Celltastic Oil to the lightest color in your palette, and be sure to layer that color into your cup 2-3 times. 

3) After you pour, but before you stretch/tilt, gently torch the surface. Celltastic Oil is heat reactive, and this will help with the formation of larger cells.

4) As you stretch, cells will likely keep appearing as surface tension breaks. When you have finished stretching, if you would like more small cells, thoroughly torch the surface again - this heats the oil that is just underneath and breaks the surface tension above it, allowing it to come to the top and bloom.

5) Not getting enough cells? Add more oil to your mix (I usually add 4-5 drops per 2 oz of white) or add it to 2-3 of the lightest colors in your palette and layer the non-oil paints between them in your cup.

6) When your piece has *completely* dried, gently wipe with dish soap and a small amount of water. The food grade oils in our mix make clean-up easier! If there is still visible oil on the surface after you have dried it and/or added a gloss coat, wipe very gently with alcohol on a soft rag. Allow to dry and repeat as necessary.

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